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How Accreditation Increases Your Visibility And Adds More Trust To The Marketplace

Greater Exposure

You get listed in BBB's Accredited Business Directory, which puts you in front of consumers looking for trusted businesses.

Enhanced Credibility

The BBB Accreditation Seal adds additional credibility to every BBB Accredited Business.


Accreditation helps your business stand out from your competitors in a positive way.

Business Tools

BBB provides several resources and tools to help businesses Be More in order to meet consumer expectations.

BBB Referral Program

Consumers will be able to request a quote from BBB Accredited Businesses directly from their BBB Business Profile page.

BBB Business Profile

This customizable tool allows BBB Accredited Businesses the ability to showcase their products, services, and track record in the marketplace.

"What the BBB stands for; what Vera Bradley stands for - it just aligns. Trust for us is one of our core values."

Holly Wagner

Public Relations Rep | Vera Bradley

With Accreditation, you also receive valuable information about your business.

What's included in your monthly email report?
  • Your online performance (BBB Business Profile views, quotes received, etc.)
  • Free guides and other tools to help improve your reputation and grow your business
  • Notification of upcoming events and news from your BBB
  • Useful articles from other leading publications and industry leaders
  • Access to a personal rep who you can talk to any time and ask questions

We invite you to Be More with BBB Accreditation.